Personal Injury Accidents Are on the Rise in Toronto, so Consult a Lawyer for Advice

Every Day, an Accident Occurs

Accidents in Toronto are on the rise. If you have sustained a personal injury, seeking the advice of a lawyer in Toronto may become inevitable.
According to statistics collected by Transport Canada, in 2010, over 130,000 Canadians were injured during motor vehicle accidents, over 2,200 of which ended in fatality. Toronto is the most populated city, so, you can imagine what percentage of those accidents took place on our roads and highways. Vehicles operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) are involved in, on average, 3,500 collisions a year. Toronto has the highest rate of cycling accidents in Canada. Out of every 100,000 people who ride their bikes, 42 will be injured. An estimated 2,000 pedestrians are injured annually, simply while walking Toronto sidewalks or crossing streets.

Help Those Who Help Us

It may be more apparent that benefits be allotted to someone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident who is employed and insured, as per the Ontario Insurance Act and Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. But what if someone is retired or is a stay-at-home parent and the accident doesn’t involve any vehicles? What recourse is available for the non-earner?
Scenario: It is winter and your mother slips and falls as she walks to the store. Even though she says that she feels fine, you have noticed cognitive and personality changes. What should you do?
Your mother may have sustained a brain injury. First: seek medical assistance. Second: consult with a personal injury lawyer to identify potential negligence and what compensations may be available.
Scenario: Your spouse has an accident and is no longer able to be the primary caregiver of your children and caretaker of your home. Is there a claim that can assist you?
Yes, homemakers are eligible for care giving and home maintenance benefits. Consult a personal injury lawyer for advice on making this type of claim.
Scenario: Your father does not speak English and is unsure if his insurance policy covers him for long-term disability. Your father’s physician confirms that your father is unable to work. Reading the insurance policy is confusing. Should you call the Insurer?
No, speak with a personal injury lawyer first. Insurance policies can be complicated and it is best to be fully prepared before speaking with a claims adjuster. Indeed, you may want a lawyer to advocate on your behalf. With regard to your father not speaking English, in a city as diverse as Toronto, there are law firms that offer services in other languages. At one notable firm, 30 different languages are spoken by lawyers and paralegals.

Act First and Act Fast

Never wait after an accident or loss before consulting a lawyer. Some claims are time sensitive and a delay in filing may cause a delay in compensation and even denial. The excuse; "I can’t afford a lawyer” is not a valid one, as (1) free consultations are often available and (2) experienced personal injury lawyers are often compensated when a financial settlement is made.
Yes, accidents are all-too-common in Toronto. But their effects may be mitigated through the expert guidance and help of a personal injury lawyer familiar with the realities, diversity and resources of Toronto living, from medical expertise to facilities for attendant care as well as provincial legislation and policy.